The Time is Now

There’s no mistaking it. The world is at a crisis point. 

To be truthful, we are actually at a cross-section of multiple crisis points- all converging together to form this moment of fear and panic. And as we look out across the horizon, we can not help but admit to ourselves that as things stand currently, the outlook is bleak.

When COVID-19 came to us last winter, many of us believed that this crisis would be a temporary flash of pain; an issue that would resolve itself on a shorter time table as opposed to a longer one, and a problem that Americans could band together and defeat with a proper show of focus and resilience. Unfortunately, we were wrong. COVID-19 is here to stay for the foreseeable future and with each passing day, the pandemic serves to unearth a variety of issues that have quietly been plaguing our country for years, if not decades. 

The American experience of the COVID-19 pandemic has been a unique one, and this is squarely due to the myriad of parallel crises that have been running in tandem with the current moment. Obesity rates in this country are increasing rapidly, proper nutrition has become only more difficult to acquire, and our ignorance of the pressing climate change crisis has been highlighted through our inadequate response. 

As things stand, we are living out of balance with ourselves, our health, and most importantly; our environment.

That’s why the time is now to make a deliberate switch; to begin taking action in ways that can strike to the heart of the many problems plaguing us right now. 

We created Conscious Market with one goal in mind; to help the world live and eat in a way that’s more aligned with the world around us. By bringing together premium brands in the eco-commerce space into one streamlined platform, Conscious Market exists to make choosing ethically-sourced, environmentally focused, and fully vegan products easier, and more accessible to all across the globe. 

And the need for this type of platform has never been greater. 

In a new aggregate of studies published by Science Magazine in August of 2020, an international team of researchers found that Americans with obesity were 113% more likely to be hospitalized by COVID-19 than healthy individuals, 74% more likely to land in the ICU, and 48% more likely to die from the disease. These statistics shine a spotlight on the cross-section between two of our most dire crises; American obesity rates and the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Currently, the adult rate of obesity in the U.S. stands at a staggering 42 %, marking the first time in our nation’s history that the rate has broken a 40% threshold. Further, rates of childhood obesity are increasing as well- with the latest data showing that 19.2% of Americans between the age of 2 and 19 had the condition. 

Alongside this data and statistics is research that illuminates the answer to the crisis; adherence to a more natural diet and lifestyle, specifically veganism. New studies from the Adventist Health Study (AHS) have now strongly linked an increase in BMI proportional to the amount of animal protein in one’s diet. The same study found that vegans by far held the lowest BMI rates of all the study’s participants. 

But the crisis at large doesn’t just stop with our bodies and our health, it also expands outwards to our world at large. It is without question that the COVID-19 crisis is putting on display the pressing need to address many of the looming global threats facing us, specifically the increased impact of climate change. Further, there is growing evidence that many of the human activities centered at the root of our environmental issues are also linked to the emergence of new diseases such as COVID-19 and their spread. 

According to Daniel R. Brooks, professor emeritus of ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of Toronto, “we live in a world in which human population expansion, increased density, and increased globalization of travel and trade act synergistically with climate change to produce an explosive emerging disease crisis.” 

Meteorologist Michael Mann of Penn State University calls climate change a “threat multiplier” in reference to the effects of a pandemic, and states that a case can be made linking deforestation, environmental degradation, and the destruction of natural habitats with the unnatural displacement of exotic, disease-bearing animals in a way that puts human health at risk. 

And yet again, we know the solution. It’s sitting right in front of our very noses. Activists such as Greta Thernberg have been shouting themselves hoarse for years, telling us the answers and begging us to understand the dire stakes that are at our doorstep. 

If we want to change the course of our world, we must adopt more environmentally focused practices into our daily lives such as veganism, fair-trade standards, and other forms of ethical, eco-conscious consumerism. It is our dollars and our choices that will inevitably change the tide of the multiple crises that face us right now. 

COVID-19 has served to shine a light on the multitude of issues facing humanity today. The problems are real, the solutions are clear, and the data proving it all is sitting right in our lap. 

Now, it’s simply time to make the choice and correct the problem. 

Join us as we work together to bring more consciousness into our daily habits, our spending, and our lifestyle choices. The time is truly now.

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